Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ubuntu 11.10 -- VNC screen not updating fixes

This time around im combining all my various servers into one. And i had the brilliant idea to update to Ubuntu 11.10 in the progress. This was a massive mistake. Unity is buggy as hell

First step setup VNC. This is simple (or should be)

1. First create a user that autologs in,
2. in that user hit the "Dash home" in the upper left of the unity menu.
3. Enter "desk" in the search box and find the "Desktop sharing" app and open it
4. check the "Allow other users to view", "Allow other users to control"
5. uncheck the "You must confirm..."
6. check the "Require the user to enter this password" and punch in a password
7. save it

Now that dead simple... but it doesn't work! The key issue is the stupid eye candy. So log out(from the upper right cog menu) and get to user login menu.

On select automatic login users account and click the cog select "unity 2D" to disable the pointless eye candy and then login. Now VNC will connect and the the screen will update.

On a side not you might what to disable more the crud like backgrounds etc. so that the connection is faster and lighter.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this.

    I went totally mad as I discovered vnc didn't work anymore on my laptop... What the hell were they thinking at Ubuntu ? Can one never be sure that simple things will be working on newer releases (hey, we're not talking about rocket science here, just plain old vnc, damnit!)

    Thank you so much.