Saturday, April 28, 2012

mingw msys install with the new installer

Got my self a new windows 7 machine as my work machine. Got set it up now.

So Msys and mingw have to be installed, and they have a new installer. SO first lets get the installer.. I have the 0.5 beta from here:

Dont really know what they where thinking with this. Its an apt-get command line imitation. The old plain and simple nullsoft installer with its simple stepped choices of install location the most common packages could get the job done no sweet.

Now you must have a net connection or take the trouble to pre-download all the crud on a different machine with a connection a head of time and transport all that to the offline machine.. its much more messy.

To top it off the default run of the program is just plain ridiculous. Open up the cmd.exe and run:

You get a "cant do a gui install prompt, OK?" in a >>GUI<< prompt... despite the fact that i just ran it from the cmd line...and then it closes without doing anything else.. WTF! Correct this too this command:
mingw-get.exe --help

Then you get the basic idea. When you install it, it appears to installed to ../ dir from the current on so be careful where you ran it:
mingw-get.exe update
mingw-get.exe install mingw
mingw-get.exe install g++
mingw-get.exe install msys

gcc.exe -v
g++.exe -v

This resulted in version 4.6.2 of gcc and g++ and version 1.0 of msys.

My install directory is "c:\tools\mingw" And the msys boot script installs to [install_dir]/msys/1.0 so for me the full path of it is:

Once I booted up msys I noted a problem with the /mingw directory.. simply put it was missing so to get all the tools i did a final ln -s as such:
cd /
ln -s /c/tools/mingw mingw

And then everything in msys seemed to be alive and in the default path.

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