Saturday, April 28, 2012

boost 1.49 in windows 7 using mingw

Before you start. This is for(although its has worked on other systems)

mingw gcc version 4.6.2
boost verison: 1.49
OS: Windows 7 home.

This is basically the same as before in my prior post /2011/02/boost-in-vista-using-mingw-and-cmdexe.html

First get the newer version of boost from here

Dont bother downloading one of the ones with a build version of bjam it wont work. You will need to build it.

Setup gcc as in one of my prior posts.

Make certain that gcc is available on cmd.exe by running a fresh cmd.exe and executing:
gcc -v

You must double that this is not just a temp change to the %PATH% env variable by some script. It has to be set from windows GUI control directly to work reliably.
If gcc failed you can add it to the PATH with the following command sequence.
  • windows key+e
  • select "my computer"
  • right click it and select "properties"
  • 3rd tab -> click buttom "variables" button
  • add (or edit the existing) PATH entry and set its value [installed_dir]/mingw/bin;[installed_dir]/mingw/lib (where instal_dir is the pathto your mingw install
Next Build bjam: For help refer to: building bjam for 1.49. Note that I use the directory c:\tools as my install area for all programs that need to avoid the windows UAE etc idiocy.. Unziped the files into the desired location Then build the bjam.exe in cmd.exe by executing :
cd C:\tools\boost_1_49_0\tools\build\v2\engine
build.bat mingw
Once built copy C:\tools\boost_1_49_0\tools\build\v2\engine\bin.ntx86\b*.exe into C:\tools\MinGW\bin (This isnt needed but makes it easy later, since you likely have it in your %PATH% already.) Next build the boost libs also in cmd.exe by excuting:
cd C:\tools\boost_1_49_0
bjam toolset=gcc --build-type=complete stage
Refer: Wait for the build system to grind it out. This time around there are very few build problems. I guess alot of things have been fixed since the 1.47 version. You should then build a few boost test programs(in cmd or msys) with:
g++ -I"c:\tools\boost_1_49_0" -L"c:\tools\boost_1_49_0\stage\lib" -static boost_lamba_test.cpp -o a.exe
g++ -I"c:\tools\boost_1_49_0" -L"c:\tools\boost_1_49_0\stage\lib" -static boost_regex_test.cpp -lboost_regex-mgw46-1_49 -o b.exe

The test programs are from here:

Lamba test:

Regex test:

Keep in mind the order of the source and libs files is important in mingw

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