Saturday, June 19, 2010

Interview tip - Company rejections.

If a Company rejects you then you have several choices;
1) Get mad and do something stupid.
2) Cry about it.
3) Be pro-activate and correct the faults, and then keep doing what you love.

I was just recently rejected from a large company that I really wanted to work for and after initial plans to hurt then in a stupid and childish way I calmed down talked it out with a friend, finally I decided to take his advice and follow the better road:

Be Pro-activate look back at the interview contents and figure out why they didn't hire you. Repeat the questions and deeply research the answers. Write it all up so that you can read it in six months and know what happened.

Then contact the recruiter(s)/interviewer(s) of the company that didnt hire you and network with him, ask him if he is interested and send him on yourself own self-review of the interview. Then in a few months pull out dust it off re-read it all do the interview again yourself and THEN reapply for another job at that same company, start with the people how accepted your networking request.

Here is Steve jobs talking about being proactive after being fired

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