Thursday, June 10, 2010

Internet business models

Some food for thought..

Here are a few working biz models for online:
1) 90% free/cheap 10% premium type sites. (etrade? )
2) free for all large scale service/products with Ads support. (Google, Commerical tv)
3) world wide online shops. (Amazon)

Online take over
All information based resources like books, mags, news papers, movies will ultimately move to the Internet.

Amazon/Kindle books and iTunes are strong working biz models for it.

Consider what would happen if movies where sold at the price of a rental movie world wide. Distribution could be p2p, with the purchase giving the download key for that Moive. Once purchased any numbr of repeat downloads is valid for the user. The end result is all the money from current rental places will move into the new biz model.

Ref here for more details

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