Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Earthquake Crisis and Info site in english and Japanese

Japan crisis response page on google"

If you wish to donate go to the google page and donate to the japanese red cross.

If your in japan the power will be out in a set schedule around the effected areas as it is diverted to cover the missing power planets

The info is here but the site is very overloaded

The groups are as follows
 第1グループ 6:20~10:00 16:50~20:30 
 第2グループ 9:20~13:00 18:20~22:00
 第3グループ 12:20~16:00 
 第4グループ 13:50~17:30
 第5グループ 15:20~19:00

The number of missing is over 20000, dont be idiots with the sites.

The news is says they are looking for medical staff, medical supplies and portable electric generators.
They are also cooling for basic food water, cooked rice(they need to conserve water) and bread.

The Japanese metorology infomation site lists the series of aftershocks we have had here (as you can see there are over 30).

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