Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake Marunouchi building Tokyo Station March 11, 2011

This is the initial quake. On the 19th floor. The buildings seismic meter picked it up as magnitude 4.5. I was in the express elevator on the way up and got kicked out about 10-15 seconds into it, felt like minutes. The sounds you are hearing on the video are the elevators wires and the building walls groaning. The guys you can see are walking back and forth because the building is moving around us like a jumping castle or fair ride. Hence the crappy filming.

This is the first after shock. and im on the 22 flour now. They have continued all night I have counted 6 at least. The buildings seismic meter picked it up as little over magnitude 4. I was back at my desk by this point. The building across the road is about 70-100 meters away. As you can see its moving and we are moving. Not nearly as bad as the first but still its clear to see the effects of quake on a high rise

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