Sunday, May 22, 2011

cleaning up ubuntus file usage

FIRST OF ALL get into the apt-get and clear out the apps you dont want. Then purge, autoclean, autoremove, orphan remove all the remain pieces until nothing is left

Heres the basic clean up (plus some setup)
sudo apt-get -y install gtkorphan logrotate localepurge fslint
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get clean all 
sudo apt-get autoclean all
sudo localepurge
dpkg -l | grep '^rc'| cut -d' ' -f3 | xargs dpkg -P

When you take out packages the best way is to --purge or autoremove them
 sudo apt-get --purge remove bluez-utils bluez-gnome 
 sudo apt-get autoremove bluez-utils bluez-gnome 

Then execute gtkorphan and keep killing unneed deps until it cant find any.

The Disk Usage Analyzer to sort out the biggest space wasters. Its found at Applications->Accessories->Disk Usage Analyzer.

There is also the computer janitor. Its at System > Administration > Computer Janitor.

And you can also hunt down the dead log files and other crap in you system with fslint.

You may need to loop around the whole process a few times to get it really clear

Several useless packages that tend to be installed by default are(sorry list is very short I got hacking before I thought about writing it down);
  • gnome-pilot
  • mesu-utils

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