Thursday, July 15, 2010

fixing "svn: Malformed file" and other broken svn file problems...

This happens when you get to smart for yourself and alter the contents of the .svn dir accidentally...

To fix it;
Basically move the whole working dir over and recheck out and then restore the new/edited/deleted files. Sounds hard but it is quite easy(especially if you have had to do it a few times).... Run the following commands on the console. And note the commands with "| sh" allow you to first confirm the exact action before executing it so use it to double check before you make a total mess

#move broken trunk out of the way
mv trunk broken
mkdir trunk 
cd trunk
svn checkout https://server.svn/repos/project/trunk
cd ../broken

# make the new dirs -- confirm first...
find ./ -type d | grep -v svn | egrep "^./(app|test|lib|db)" | sed "s|\(.*\)|mkdir -p ../trunk/\1|"
find ./ -type d | grep -v svn | egrep "^./(app|test|lib|db)" | sed "s|\(.*\)|mkdir -p ../trunk/\1|" | sh

# move all the normal non-svn files that are relevant back in (im my case its a rails app) -- confirm first... find ./ -type f | grep -v svn | egrep "^./(app|test|lib|db)" | sed "s|\(.*\)|cp \1 ../trunk/\1|" find ./ -type f | grep -v svn | egrep "^./(app|test|lib|db)" | sed "s|\(.*\)|cp \1 ../trunk/\1|" | sh

# remove all deleted files. -- confirm first... svn status | grep "^D" | sed "s|^D *|svn del ../trunk/|" svn status | grep "^D" | sed "s|^D *|svn del ../trunk/|" | sh

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