Monday, August 10, 2009

rails "bugs" 2 belongs to pointing to the same table

2 belongs_to pointing to the same table and searching fails...

(rdb:1)  Customer.find(:all, :conditions => ["#{Address.table_name}.name_given = 'kdFJf6J6Mdx'"], :include => [:address, :shipping_address] )
(rdb:1)  Customer.find(:all, :conditions => ["#{Address.table_name}.name_given = 'kdFJf6J6Mdx'"], :include => [:shipping_address, :address] )

decide for your self...
1) The problem can be fixed by using the :joins option. to search both fields
2) The problem can be exploted to expand the full set of child records linked via has_many with eager loading while searching for a field contained in the children to locate the the parents.. Generally searches from the parent into child will limit the children to only the matching ones...(which is a problem 90% of the time)

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